Marco Reato is a culinary artist whose passion for pizza has taken him to the top of the gastronomic world. With his title as champion of the 2023 Spanish Classic Pizza Championship and recognition as the best pizza maker in the Community of Madrid at the Salon del Gourmet, Marco has demonstrated his unparalleled skill and talent in the art of pizza.

The experience of enjoying a pizza at La Rotta is a direct trip to Italy, where tradition merges with innovation in every bite. His ability to capture the essence of Italian cuisine and take it to new horizons makes every visit to the restaurant an unforgettable experience.



Yuri Rubal is the soul of the bar, where his unique creations and his skill in the art of cocktail making make him a centerpiece of the dining experience. He is a graduate of the European Bartender School, his signature cocktails are a reflection of his overflowing creativity and his passion for innovation, each one carrying with it a story that captivates those who
try them.

Whether it’s a reinvented classic or a completely new creation, his signature cocktails are a manifestation of his dedication, talent and love for the art of mixing ingredients. At La Rotta, every sip is a sensory adventure, and behind every glass is the expert hand of a professional mixologist.